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Key Steps to Beautiful Skin …

Over the years, people have asked me what I do to get such “great skin” or gush about how young I look. Babyface, baby skin, etc., these are all comments that make me smile and feel relieved that I started taking my skin super seriously a few years back.

I was lucky enough to never really have acne, even in puberty. I’d get the occasional zit, but the main reason was, and I believe to this day – I never wore makeup. I used chapstick, and that was it. I washed my face once a day, and life was good. Sometimes I’d get zits, and use Stridex, which would dry me out and then, no zits for a good while. I did find that standard face soap (backthen, drugstores weren’t as pimped out with beauty products as they are now) would dry me out too much so I found a soapless cleanswer (Cetaphil) and used that for a while.

Then in college, I started getting occasional acne. The Cetaphil kept up for a few years, and then I found my brother’s apricot scrub in the shower one day during summer break, and got curious. I didn’t like or keep using the scrub, but it made me think about my face and how to care for it.

Fast forward to my first jobs out of college, and my unabrow, occasional zits, occasional dry lips. I wanted to take better care of my appearance, so I started exploring and playing with products. In 2004, at 24, I started hitting my stride, realizing that regular facials made my skin look amazing, didn’t cost much, and that there was a lot I could for myself at home to get great results that made people literally stop and tell me my skin was beautiful.

So let’s get to it … the nitty gritty.


A daily regimen (outlined at the bottom) is KEY. If you don’t do it, you’ll chronically break out, scar, and feel like there’s no end in sight. Being consistent gives you the same results as with anything else. Compare this to whitening your teeth and improving their health. If you brush once a day, and don’t floss, you’ll have problems the older you get. If you change your regimen, brushing twice a day and flossing AT NIGHT, you’ll get whiter, healthier teeth and gums, less cavities, less bad breath, and a smile that impresses people.

The same goes for your skin. Your teeth and face are the first thing people see. The skin on your face is the first thing people see. Take care of it, and people will notice it. If it glows, people will enjoy looking at you, engaging with you, chatting with you, and laughing with you. If you’re shy and embarrassed about your acne, and hide your face, people will associate this behavior with you. Your confidence increases when your skin and your teeth are where you want them – so, take care of them, and the rest will follow.


Facials are important. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or at a salon, just get it done right. One facial a month is optimal. One every other month is the bare minimum. I am talking a full out facial that takes you at least an hour to complete. All the steps to a home version are outlined below. Salon versions include steam and “extractions” which basically means zit popping.

If you use a salon, pay attention to their products – not all are created equal. Some salons make their own, but that doesn’t mean theirs are going to get you results. Some use fancier lines, and the same truth applies. So you may have to try a few salons until you feel you’ve found the one you’d like to trust with your face for the long term. The same goes for doing it at home – you may have to test products, throw them away, and test again, until you hit your stride with the products and methods that work for you.


For optimal presentation, shape your brows, remove the unabrow, wax temples/sideburns, cheeks, and remove the upper lip. For basic presentation, bleach your upper lip hair, clean up around your brows (ie, remove the unabrow). The more hair you have, the more you’ll have to do. Sad, but true. It’s okay to ride with the extra visible hair through age 18, because you’re still considered a “youth” but after that, cleanup makes you seem more polished, grown up, and attractive.

Extra hair around your eyes can make your expressions look less defined, make you look moodier than you are, or just washed out. Definition in your brows makes your expressions pop and become easier to read – your happy expressions are more electric and engaging, your subtle changes of mood more interesting and easily visible than before. The easier you are to read, the easier you are to get along with. Which, in the end, makes you seem/look more attractive.


Dirty skin is something we all have. No one exists in a bubble. We’re surrounded by keyboards, steering wheels, door knobs, elevator buttons, and bathroom stalls. Germs are all around us and the more we touch things, the more risk we have of spreading them to our persons.

We can’t escape that but there’s no need to be careless. Hence generic “wash your hands” procedure – if you touch something public and you don’t know where it’s been, think about where you put your hands next. Ie, touching your keyboard when you know you’ve tracked gazillions of germs to it in the past 3 months, then touching your cheek frequently as you sit typing, is likely to spread dirt and germs to the same face you’d like to shine. You can’t wash your hands every time you touch your keyboard or cell phone, but you can avoid moving those germs from the object to your face.

The more you touch your face, the more oils and dirt you spread. Then they sit there incubating until you wash or wipe germs off. Since you’re not likely to wash your face during the course of the day, they have at least 9 hours to think about becoming a zit. If you don’t wash your face that night – hello, pimples! This of course only compounds the more you do it – if you wash your face irregularly, or don’t follow the recommended regimens below regularly, you could escape zits one day then embrace them the next, simply because your skin doesn’t have a regular skin care cycle.


The number one rule about this is – practice makes perfect. Not everyone’s budgets are the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great skin for less money. Shop around. Also, not every product is the same. Just because Madonna uses it does not mean it’s liquid gold. Just because the aesthetician at your salon swears by it does not meanit works.

The only way you will ever know something works for sure is if a) someone you know with skin exactly yours uses it and gets great results or b) you use it yourself. Since a) is rare, guess what you’ve gotta do?

Test test test … throw stuff out, test again. And don’t be afraid to return things. If something made you break out, gave you a rash, did absolutely nothing it was supposed to – the you paid money for a bum product. Take it back. Your reason to tell the store clerk: I had an allergic reaction. Or, I had a bad reaction. Whichever. Sephora has a great return policy – you can return things without the receipt. Of course, do this within reason. Too many visits or bottles that are half empty will make stores suspicious.

Some lines I use …


Natural, basic, not as expensive, their sports moisturizer is super light, and they have a sunscreen you can mix into your moisturizer that’s not greasy and won’t clog you up. Upper crust facial lines look down on Dermalogica, but for less money and good results, this is a reliable, serviceable line.


Hard to find in the US (easier online). More expensive, French, they have a great face wash for “sebum excess”- sebum is the natural oil/goo your face makes naturally in response to sweat and environment and to keep your face hydrated and fed. It gets stuck in a pore, backs up like a toilet, hardens, gets infected, becomes a zit. Joy!


Slightly above the Dermalogica price range, good masks in their line, everything is plant based, “natural.”

Oil of Olay

Their “regenerist” line is competing with top, upper crust lines. Now has one of the top “microdermabrasion” kits – you do it yourself at home and get results comparable to going in and paying $100+ at a spa or dermatologist’s office.

An article on brand comparison shopping for beauty/skin care products:


Let’s get to it! …


Every beauty “program” – mail order, like proactiv or Susan Lucci’s
line or Cindy Crawford’s line – follows this basic regimen. Any
product line, like L’Oreal or Nivea, etc., they all work off these
basic concepts to get great results with a regular regimen. You don’t
have to buyfrom one line and can mix and match what works best with
your skin. It may take some testing, and you might have to throw
something out becauseit doesn’t work that well for you, and switch to
something else.


STEP 1: Cleanse.

Wet your face, neck, and upper chest with warm – not hot or cold –
water. Wash once with your product, rince. Wash AGAIN with your
product, rinse.

(Scrub thoroughly with a facial cleansing pad, ie, a wash cloth or
salon quality pad. These get best results. You can use your hands but
your hands don’t always get into the pores as well. But at the very
least, wash twice!)

Pat dry with towel.

STEP 2:  Tone.

Spray toner liberally over face, neck, and upper chest. Spray toner on
cotton pad. Wipe down face, neck, and upper chest with pad. You’ll see
dirt on your pad, despite the fact you washed twice. :)

Balance toner – spray face with plain water or rinse face. Pat dry or
wipe down again with back side of cotton pad. Some dermatologists
believe toner is astringent and should be rinsed off this way to
balance your skin. Others argue the toner should be left as is. I
choose to spray water and wipe it off.

STEP 3: Base level skin care.

If you have acne, this is where you apply special serums, zit
application creams, etc, directly onto not only the zits themselves
but their immediate area. Rub in, allow to dry for a few seconds
before applying top coats to your skin.

STEP 4: Main level skin care.

This level is the most clogging of all levels, so use as LITTLE as
necessary to moisturize, etc.

Dab moisturizer into hand. Dab SPF sunscreen and any other special
products you like to use into your palm. (I use a exfoliating boosters
sometimes, to help slough off dead skin and absorb oil that collects
on my face).

Sunscreen is VERY key in saving your skin because it helps you fight
discoloration (uneven tanning), pigmentation (your zits get darker
than the rest of your face), aging, wrinkles, spots, and skin cancer.

Rub together so it’s mixed evenly, and apply. I use a separate cream
after this beneath and around my eyes. (Helps with bags/shadows, etc.)
You don’t have to do this now but I do because I’m phobic about my

STEP 5: Repeat at night. You can choose to leave your face bare after
Step 3 so it can breathe overnight. If you have dry skin, do Step 4
but use the bare minimum (ie, a light serum instead of a cream
moisturizer, etc.)


On top of the above being done 2x daily, you need to “resurface” your
whole face. The daily regimen handles your immediate surface skin
issues, but does not deal with underlying issues as intensely as
weekly treatments. Treatments done 1-3 times a week give you great
results fast, and can literally make you look like you just walked out
of a salon. It WILL make people notice.

The more treatments you do (balancing them with the state of your
skin) the better. When I say balance with the state of your skin, I
mean that if you are new to doing microdermabrasion you should not do
it 3 times a week starting out. If your skin is new to
facials/treatments you should take it slowly and build up based on how
your skin feels. Your skin will tell you how it likes or does not like
a treatment.

For example, your skin may be sensitive and break out after a first
treatment. You keep going with the regimen, give it a week, then try
again. Then you’ll see the real response. If it continues to react,
you’ll know that product is not good for you, and you can drop it and
try another one. If it reacts well, you can up it to 2x a week the
following week, and see how that goes.

Do all of this to the face, neck, and upper chest.

STEP 1: Cleanse.

Same old method, twice.

STEP 2: Exfoliate.

This can be a firmer facial scrub or “foaming cleanser” that
exfoliates and has beads in it. Take your time, massage it in gently.
You should be gentle when you do it, especially if you have open zits
or tender areas with inflammation.

I do NOT rely on “exfoliating cleansers” because cleansing and
exfoliating are two different things. Cleansing takes off the surface
dirt, and should be soapy and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Exfoliators should have some physical object – bubbles, beads, grains
of apricot, whatever – that rubs across your skin, getting into the
pores. This will literally leave your face feeling SCRUBBED. It should
tingle a little. It should not necessarily feel soapy while you’re
doing it – it should feel moisturizing, gentle, and like it got into
all your nooks and crannies.

STEP 3: Rinse.

Rinse off thoroughly – and I mean thoroughly. Scrubs usually leave a
coating you want to really get off.

STEP 4: Mask.

Liberally massage your mask all over into all nooks and crannies,
being careful not to get it into your nose/eyes/hairline. If it dries
in your hairline it’s a pain to rinse out. :)

Note: The longer you leave a mask on, the better it is for your skin. This is, of course, unless the label of your product warns not to leave it on past a certain amount of time (so be careful with self microdermabrasion kits).

Also, a “mask” is not the same as an “enzyme peel.” For example, Phytomer has a natural, vegetable based exfoliating mask – I can leave it on for hours while cleaning my house, and when I rinse off, my face glows. If I did the same with a peel, my face would be red and blotchy, and even feel chemically burnt (aka, Nair burn). No good. Enzyme peels (glycolic peels, etc.) are meant to chemically interact with your skin at the cellular (versus the topical) level and can be stronger than standard products – they’re invasive versus superficial. So, be careful when leaving these on for long periods.

STEP 5: Rinse.

At this point, because the mask is generally dry and sticky, I tend to use a hot or warm washcloth to really get it off, then rinse and wipe down my face several times – again, theres a coating youre trying to get rid of.

STEP 6: Tone.

From here, continue on with the rest of the standard daily regimen.

Note: If you’re skin feels sensitive to the touch (ie, delicate) and even stings slightly after all these steps, that’s normal. To counter this, use a “redness reducing/soothing serum” – intended for people with sensitive skin who have frequent reactions to anything. This is perfect to use after a microdermabrasion session, removes redness, and calms any stinging.

Do the above 1-3 times a week and you’ll have babysoft skin that glows
and gets breakouts far less often. :)

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  1. Hi! I like your post, and I will bookmark it. I have a site over at http://www.skincareteacher.com about skin care and beauty.

    Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Lubna says:

    Great tips!

    I just wanted to know if you have some suggestions for people (like me) with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I’ve got oily skin, my facial hair grows in all the wrong places (!) and I break out very very often. It’s saddening because about 3 years ago, I had clear skin that’s smooth as a baby’s behind.

    However, I did notice that a couple of days after using a bar of Dettol soap, there’s been little zit activity on my face as compared to the other facial “oil-free / soap-free” soaps. But after 2 days of celebration, they return (with a vengeance).

    Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Posted 8 years, 9 months ago
  3. * Jennifer says:

    Exercise, exercise, exercise. I don’t know if I have PCOS, but I do have some of its symptoms (hair growth and darkening pigmentation), but I found that exercise really does wonders for your skin. You look more lively and your skin glows. Also improves your posture so you seem taller and more regal.

    Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
  4. * SC says:

    Hello, I really enjoyed reading your tips for beautiful skin. You mentioned that the French brand l’academie has a good face wash–could you tell me what the name of the face wash is? You’ve peaked my interest and I’d really like to try it. Thank you so much!

    Posted 8 years, 7 months ago
  5. * hi says:

    k i have Cetaphil. i tried the clear stuff and it didn’t really help but it washed my face, not prevented it, and then the new stuff. it does the same thing. i also use the clean&clear blue face liquid stuff and it just makes my face greasy. any ideas else??

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  6. * Miriam says:

    Hey folks!

    Responses to your inquiries:

    – Excercise, and drink lots of water: Agreed, even if you just walk for 30 min a day, sweating and the requisite shower and scrub down help clean a lot out of your body and your face. Water helps flush out toxins, and of course, drink antioxidant heavy beverages, and try to avoid excess salt (retains water and makes you bloat and clog up) and excess sugar (encourages bad things to grow and cultivate). If you really like salt and sugar – then drink a LOT of water to compensate.

    – L’Academie face brand: They have a line of skincare for “sensible” (sensitive) skin. The face wash I use is: Academie Hypo-Sensible Cleansing & Purifying Powder. The “purifying” is the key part. Do a search on this – the main store that sells a lot of their products is: http://www.makemeheal.com. Don’t just get something for sensitive skin unless your skin really is super sensitive and can’t take standard deep cleansing.

    – Cetaphil: I began with this as a teen. I used to balance it with Stridex. I also tried those toners you describe. It worked up to a point but when I hit my 20s it wasn’t enough.

    Cetaphil is not great for zit killing, it is great for sensitive skin that is normal to dry naturally. If you’re oily or fighting acne, that is NOT the face cleanser for you, it is too gentle and is not geared to control your oil or prevent breakouts. The acne is tied to sebum – oil secretions naturally made by your skin.

    Oily skin has an excess of sebum – and simply gently cleansing without getting deep in there, scrubbing, exfoliating, and regularly doing at-home facials is NOT going to cut it for you. I’d advise you switch to something geared toward acne. Ie, a skin care line of your choice such as Proactiv, or you can get some basic drug store stuff targeted to a) deep cleansing, b) exfoliating, c) prevention. The labels will clearly say this.

    Per my guide above – you need to follow the steps with the RIGHT products for your skin. You may need to test things and throw them out, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Neutrogena is a good line for basic, good cleansing and has some acne-focused items. Note that you don’t even have to get all items from the same line, you can mix and match. Oil of Olay is good for their Regenerist at home-spa line.

    If you have oily skin, or acne-prone skin, you’ll want to AVOID anything that says:

    moisturizing, nourishing, creamy, cream, hydrating, oil of any kind (read the label, it’ll have a chemical name then “almond oil” – don’t do it!)

    Look for: powder, beads, exfoliation, scrub, exfoliator, natural enzyme, acne prevention, combination/oily skin, acne-prone

    TONERS: These are VERY tricky. You must find something that is NOT heavily alcohol, but is also NOT oil-based. This is hard. Something like Stridex is way too intense and will cause your skin to over-react with major dry patches mixed in with zit patches.

    You have to find something that BALANCES your skin. Shake it in the bottle and open the top of the bottle and smell it. If it’s really harsh, creamy, oily, or thick looking, don’t buy it. Also, sprays work better than “squeeze bottles”. Even test it, squirt some on your hand when no one’s looking! It’s not worth buying if it’s not the right kind.

    Look for: balancing, neutralizing, acne-prevention, water-based, oil-free. NO “conditioning” or “moisturizing” or “hydrating” toners. You have oil in your skin already, you don’t need any of that, sebum provides all the moisture you’re ever gonna need.

    MASKS: If you have hard core acne you’ll need a mask made just for acne control and prevention. You’ll probably have to do it 2-3 times a week.

    GENERAL DAY FACE: For the day, you should be putting VERY little on your skin after the toner. Oil-free moisturizer mixed with sunscreen, very light and healthy makeup application (I’d avoid that, but if you have to, wear it), and if you want to control oil and shine during the day, squirt a little zit killer in there or mattifier to help control things during the course of the day. Always put as LITTLE on your face as possible, this is the KEY. Your skin will overreact with more oil and zits if over coated or if you go too crazy with the face scrubs or toner.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  7. * lesa says:

    I really enjoyed reading your reccommendations on skin care. I have had trouble with my skin for a long time. I finally went to the dermatologist and I began a regimen of topical skin care products, meds, and a skin peel. It helped a great deal plus the fact I was a runner and like the other individual said earlier it does help your skin look great. I recieved many comments from people on how my skin just seemed to glow. Before I went to the dermatologist I tried everything out there. My problem was that a lot of these popular ance products have benzoyl peroxide and my skin can’t handle it. Then I stopped the whole regimen and relied on soap and water because the dermatological treatments were quite expensive. My face went crazy and i broke out after a couple of months following my regimen change. Then I went back to the dermatologist and I went back on the regimen. Its a simple one now and I do get ance/pimples every once and while but it is worth it. What I am trying to say is balance is the key. I hope that you understand I am not at all discredited your advice. Everyone has opinions and its good to hear them. THanks

    Posted 7 years, 9 months ago
  8. * Miriam says:

    Hi there, thanks for commenting, Lesa!

    Well I think we actually both agree on a lot of things. My article is targeted toward do-it-yourself dermatology because most of us a) can’t afford b) don’t have the time to deal with going to a doctor’s office, paying those fees plus paying for the products they prescribe.

    Balance, as you mention, is the key. You always have the power to do the balancing yourself through trial and error, until you find YOUR perfect balance which is what this article is about.

    Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you’ve found a regimen that is simple and more doable for you with your dermatologist!

    Posted 7 years, 9 months ago
  9. * Celeste says:

    Hi !
    thanks so much for your tips, im going to try them right away tomorrow.
    I have normal teen skin, i dont really have acne just problems with my T-zone (forhead, nose, and chin). Is there anything i need to use for that??
    And also im thinking of making my own masks to save money, would you recomend that? and if so what kinds should i try ?
    thanks so much :)

    Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
  10. * Miriam says:

    Hi Celeste!

    So, if you don’t really have acne and are just trying to make your skin “excel” you can just jump to “The Regimen” section of my blog and follow both the Daily Regimen and Weekly Treatment.

    I’d tweak it in this way for you:

    – If your skin is not acne prone but is just combination skin (oily in the t-zone but no zits):

    Follow the daily regimen and just go very light with the moisturizer/sunscreen in the tzone. Also, you’re probably fine with 1 facial a month (including a scrub and mask) and 1 scrub a week in addition to the daily regimen. If you’re trying to “glow” and feel that your face is especially “dull” and you’d like it to “glow” then you can do an extra scrub a week.

    – If your skin is not combo skin and is just normal, follow the above and use an even amount of moisturizer/sunscreen on your tzone as the rest of your face, and follow the same 1 facial per month + 1 scrub per week regimen.

    Here’s an example: (average care)

    Sunday – Saturday, you follow the cleansing regimen 2x a day, morning and night, right before bed. Wednesday, halfway through the week, you do a scrub. Saturday, you do a facial, which includes a scrub. In this way you’re doing 2 scrubs a week with a mask, basically.

    Making your own masks …

    I personally don’t do this, because the money you’d spend and effort to put into it could be the same or more than the money you’d spend to buy a basic brand. However, if you’re still interested, some consider this better because it’s more “organic.”

    Here are some links to help you!


    Good luck!


    Posted 7 years, 6 months ago
  11. * cookie dough says:

    please give some free mask recipes please

    Posted 7 years, 4 months ago
  12. * cookie dough says:

    hey are you guyz going to answer back please i f u dont mind i need some solutions please

    Posted 7 years, 4 months ago
  13. * Miriam says:

    Hi cookie dough,

    There are free recipes included in the links I posted just before your post:


    Good luck!



    Posted 7 years, 4 months ago
  14. * Sehrish.B says:

    Hey guys

    I make this Mask/ scrub at home , and every one has these ingredients’ at home,
    It is simply lemon juice and sugar. Just add enough sugar to the lemon juice that it becomes a thick paste. I use it first as scrub and then reapply and leave it on for while and clean the house or do something else and then steam it off and Wash my entire face. It truly makes my skin soft and glows.

    I hope it works for you guys as it works for Me.

    And I wanted to say that the above entire artical and Q’ and Ans are amazing I really enjoyed read it.

    Posted 6 years, 7 months ago
  15. * Sehrish.B says:

    As well I wanted to ask you that I am 22, and I never had really any skin problems until now It was only very dry. Especially now my face I get these red patches on my cheeks and it kind a becomes like eczema, and it becomes very itchy, hot and then at the same time I get lots of zits on my for head, cheeks, on my chins as well on the side of my neck. And my face becomes very dehydrated. I have tried everything from changing the cover of my pillows changing facial creams but they all don’t have enough moisture for my skin only Nivea gives me enough moisture . And I have tried dermatologist but they only prescribe me these creams that have huge side effects.

    I only have used Nivea on my face since my childhood, and sometimes I had vitamin E. Never had any problems before (had this nice glowing skin). I don’t even where much makeup other then Kajol ( black eye pencil) and mascara.

    CAN you please help me. And I wanted to let you know that I live in very dry climate, especially in the winter it becomes horrible. Someone tolled me to spray my face with rosewater and Vitamin E.

    Anyone that can help me, it would be really appreciated

    Posted 6 years, 7 months ago
  16. * miriamwynn says:

    Hi Sehrish.B,

    For your initial description, the physical reaction you are describing sounds like an allergic reaction. Have you changed your eating habits, where you live/work/study, or any products in your bath and body regimen? This can include perfume, a new apartment, eating fruit from a new store you’ve never eaten at before, developing a new food allergy as you age, etc. I’d advise you follow up with a doctor or dermatologist first and foremost.

    To help ease your suffering I would recommend avoiding scrubs and peels for now until you diagnose the problem, especially if your face is itchy or peeling or burning in any way. You should not apply scrubs or strong beauty products to raw/damaged skin; this can cause chemical burning, leave scars, and make your problems worse.

    The symptoms you describe are an immediately physical way your face/body are telling you that something is wrong. Pay attention to those signs. What have you done differently in the past few years since you developed the problem that you did not do before? Your body may simply not like something you are doing and it asking you to stop it. For example, maybe you switched laundry detergents or body soap. Maybe you started drinking a lot of soda. These are the things to look at. Also, this can happen if the weather changes dramatically where you live.

    To move forward, you have to start fresh, with a clean slate. So, I’d look for the gentlest, most natural face products for cleanser/moisturizer/sunscreen. I would minimize the makeup you use, or even better, not use any at all. I’d do this for a few weeks. Aveeno has some good gentle items.

    Another issue is where you live – if you live in a humid climate and this winter it’s suddenly cold, and dry, your skin may be having a bad reaction to the environment and you need to change products to compensate. You may have the heater on in your home constantly and it is drying out the air, and therefore your skin and face. Adding a humidifier, or lowering the average temperature in your home can help. You may need to wash your face less often, or put on extra moisturizer before you go to sleep. You may have to switch to a gentler face soap. You may have to do scrubs less frequently (once a week) or every other week.

    For dehydration – drink plenty of water, especially in places with low humidity. This includes a hot desert or a dry mountain area, and places in between. Unless your location has high humidity, water is the number one solution for many problems for all health, not just skin health. Most of us do not drink nearly enough water, and if your skin has dry patches – that is a huge sign you are not getting enough water. You can also buy a humidifier and place it in the location you spend most of your time – living room or bedroom.

    Also, you mention you’ve only used Nivea and sometimes Vitamin E. Note, as you age, you will not be able to rely on all products in the same way for the rest of your life. As women, our bodies change in reaction to the seasons, the moon, age, and hormones. Your body is a living machine that adapts to new environments and challenges, and you will need different solutions at different times in your life. per my article, I used Cetaphil as a teen, and that worked. As an adult, Cetaphil does nothing for me and in fact causes breakouts because it doesn’t remove excess dirt or oil from my skin well.

    Also, when I mention changes – the Nivea products you have used may have changed their formulas. Compare ingredients on old bottles if you have them. Also be sure you aren’t using products that are very old or have been exposed to high heat – this can affect their chemical makeup and turn the product into something else, so that when you put it on your face it doesn’t work in the way it was intended to.

    For the winter weather – the rosewater and Vitamin E are not a problem, and they may help. However I’d actually advise avoiding spraying water on your face in cold weather. Cold makes your pores close and so the rosewater and vitamin E will just sit on top of your face. That won’t be bad, but they won’t be as effective as if you’d applied them while indoors in warmer temperatures.

    Moisturizer – you may simply need a better one that can stand up to the weather. Something that is not too thick, penetrates fast, and is light so that your skin can breathe. You may have to apply this moisturizer twice a day, rather than once a day, in winter. Morning and night. In the summer I apply moisturizer only once. Be sure you really massage it in to your skin so it really penetrates.

    Hope this helps!

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